It’s all good and well advertising your vacation rental property on commercial websites like vrbo, HomeAway and Airbnb to attract big audiences and generate more inquiries, but when you’re sick of paying fees or you have loyal, returning guests who want to book direct – what do you do?

In order to boost your bookings, become more self-sufficient and take control over your vacation rental business, you’re going to need your own website. And not just any website, either! You need a beautiful and optimized vacation rental website with all the features and functionality needed to take direct bookings, manage reservations and synchronize all your other channels for complete ease.

Here is some reasons why all owners need a vacation rental website:


One of the most Important reason you need a vacation rental website to make your own market in your way. You promote your business directly with guest and remove the guest hesitation to pay extra fee. That mean no traveler fee, No Commission.

On research 65% Travelers prefer to book directly with the owners and that is true to choose your rental rather then paying extra money on to rental amount.

There are many websites in the market who works on commission and subscription, Rather than depending on their policy at risk you should have your own platform which help your business to grow gradually.


These days every reputated business has its own website, If it doesn’t, Doesn’t look professional?

Yes- Other platform may helping you to advertise your business do exist, but what if potential guest trying to look your house on internet and come up with short. Travelers also do window shop on OTAs, then Google the property from their list to check the reputation and credibility.

So you think for a website for your business, if someone wants to book your property what website URL will you suggest them? will you send them on third party OTA listing?

The Short answer is no, that’s why a website is necessary for vacation rental business.


Your website is the best point for building a solid brand presence online. you want people know about your vacation rental you should have a branded website.

Building a branded website its about creating consistency across your website and external thing involved color and layouts. Always refer your business by its brand name, having a Good Logo o accompany all your marketing efforts both online and offline.

Your brand will give your own identity to stand out from you competitors, and your guest will start to identify with your brand as something more than another vacation rental website.


There are now more OTAs become more powerful, they take more value away by charging higher commissions and owners and also taking control on your booking. having your own website is the first step in talking back this control that your are losing to OTAs and taking your business into your own hands.

Having your own website adds help you in marketing mix where you can reach guest you couldn’t reach before. your website is a way to stand out from the crowd and run your business according to you.


There is 100% control on your website no deny like other website on control of the content. you want more photos, more content, more attraction text bigger all you can do easily. no matter what you want to put on your website, no restriction. You are the only person in charge of the rules. that mean you can add many reviews, Blog posts, car and bike rental without any limitations.


Creating a vacation rental website you don’t need to have headache, we are here to make it easy in simple steps. we develop 100% customizable website, so you can adapt each aspect of the design to fit your business. All website are compatible with any device like mobile, tablet, laptop.

You can always synchronize your existing website calendar to manage your bookings. plus, you can easily integrate your website with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Create your stunning website with and open a new world of possibilities for your business.

we are so certain you will like it and give us a chance to serve you better.

Convinced you need a vacation rental website yet? It’s time for owners to take the reins and become masters of their fates – not just spectators wondering where the next booking is coming from.

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