Yesterday Google made a new announcement that they will now use SSL and HTTPS websites as a ranking signal in their search algorithm. From now Google will increase the search rankings of sites that constantly use secure encrypted connections to exchange the data and import the pages. This small change is designed to endorse improved online security particularly by recommending developers to put into effect SSL/TLS to encrypt site traffic. Creating web connections more secure by default is a powerful protection against man-in-the-middle attacks along with offering benefit of privacy to web surfer. Quite lots of web giants have already encrypted https by default.

Many security firms has welcomed Google’s announcement with open arms for the reason they consider it as an useful push towards that broadly agreed web security goal of HTTPS all over and that too by default. According to them it is good to see that Google is taking steps ahead to lift up the use of encryption. Actually, it is a wise move and one that is probable to have a considerable impact in the way companies secure their official sites. In the past, companies have avoided encryption owing to cost factor or perhaps fears of slowing down of response times of website, however such outlay and functioning issues are no more applicable thanks to developments in technology.

Shifting to HTTPS from unencrypted HTTP requires getting SSL/TLS certificate from a certificate authority (CA) and installation of the digital certificate on the significant server. HTTPS is just a term for unencrypted HTTP with TLS/SSL added for safety. Generally, web hosting companies sell these certificates

Reason for this announcement

For Google, safety is a top most priority. That means users using Drive, Search and Gmail, for instance, by default have a safe connection to Google. A major part of that is assuring that people access those websites from Google which are secure.

Apart from this, Google has also updated Google Webmaster Tools to handle HTTPS websites in a better way and to make report on them. Google also suggests you to use Qualys Lab tool to examine your SSL/TLS certificates and pages.

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